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In order to guarantee a program of excellence, high quality teachings paired with fun activities and safety, we require all students and faculty to up hold and abide by the following rules of the Summer School.

No inappropriate conduct will be tolerated. Inappropriate conduct consist in, but is not limited to:

- Unruly noise/disturbance in hotel

- Despicable condition of hotel room

- Poor participation in activities

The IP committee reserves the right to expel any student. Upon expulsion students will be asked to leave immediately, and will be at that time presented with room and board bill, (if the student is receiving a partecipation fellowship this will be cancelled).

Rules and Regulation for Partner Institution

Students coming from a Partner Institution are required to participate for the entire duration of the Intensive Programme (IP). Attendance to all events and lectures is mandatory. Students must arrive on June 2nd and leave on June 14th. Proof of attendance via sign in with proper identification will be used to enforce attendance. Failure to do so, will signify that the student was not an Intensive Programme participant.

Summer School participation is worth 4 ETCS credits.

The partecipation fee covers:

- Hotel room from June 2 (check in) to June 14 (check out)

- 3 meals/day from June 3 - June 13

For fellowship recipient trip fare will be reimbursed up to € 450 after receiving all original tickets and boarding passes, tickets and boarding passes must be sent before June 21 by certified mail to:




The IP committee reserves the right to deny reimbursement of trip for any student that exemplifies inappropriate conduct.

To receive trip fare reimbursement, institutions must adhere to the following:

- Staple pair of boarding pass of each individual together

- Place roundtrip (to and from) boarding pass of each person (student and teacher) of the same delegation in one single envelope and send it to the University of Bologna (the address will be communicated during the programme) with certified express mail because reimbursement will be paid out only if the complete documentation has been received before July, 6th 2014


Rules and Regulation for not Partner participants

Participants coming from not partner institutions are not required to attend the school for its entire duration, in this case the participation fee will be discounted according to the duration of the participation, moreover they will not have any trip reimbursement and they will not be asked to send boarding passes.